About Digital Saudi 2030 Series

Through our series of initiatives, we help you understand, create, develop and enhance human knowledge to achieve digitalization as an enterprise, government and as a nation.

Organized by Convergent Global, the Digital Saudi 2030 conference programs are carefully curated in alignment with the Vision 2030 goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our platforms bring together top national, regional and international experts to share their insights through presentations, engaging discussions, insightful case studies and in-depth workshops, in addition to helping clients forge partnerships with leading technology providers from around the world.

The IT expenditure in Saudi Arabia is expected to top $11 Billion in 2021
(Source: IDC,2021).

Keeping in mind the health and well-being of all our clients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided not to organize any physical editions of our DS2030 series for now. However, for you to capitalize on the huge potential of the KSA market, we have a series of focused virtual events on digital transformation lined up for the year bringing together decision makers from top organizations representing various industries in KSA.

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Join the 2021 edition of the Digital Saudi 2030 Show NOW

2021 continues to be a year of the unknown where we don’t know what comes next, but what we know for sure is that we will still provide you with business & networking opportunities with top technology leaders in the Kingdom, just as we have over the last couple of years.

We are organizing the 5th edition of the Digital Saudi 2030 program on the 17th of November 2021 completely virtually – your health, safety & business needs are always our priority.

Click here to know more about how you can be a part of the event!

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Some of the Speakers of Our Events

Virtual Events

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken our events virtual. We were one of the first event companies in the Middle East to take this decision. We care about the health and well being of our clients, but we also continue to take care of your business needs. To know more about our virtual events schedules, click here.

Stay Safe. Stay Digital.

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