UNLEASH THE FUTURE OF THE ENTERPRISE! After the successful execution of Digital Saudi 2030 in Riyadh on November 2018, we are excited to announce the Digital Saudi 2030 – Jeddah Edition which will take place on 2019. The rate at which technology innovation is influencing people’s life today is unprecedented. Business leaders are constantly looking at utilizing the innovations available to bring higher profitability and efficiency to their business processes and operations and avoid disruption. Businesses need to digitally transform and accept the need for change and support changes to ensure the transformation is a success through measurable ROI’s.

With this in mind, the show will bring together over 200 C-Level executives from top organizations across Jeddah and Saudi Arabia, who will be coming together to learn strategies through expert presentations and interactive discussions to harness the power of the new digital economy through a collaborative, relationship-based approach and to forge and “Unleash the Future of The Enterprise”. We BELIEVE in the survival of the fittest in this fast-paced Digital world and our mission is to help the Kingdom’s SMEs, large corporations and governments to enable significant transformations to help turn your organization into the Digital Enterprise of the Future. Digital Saudi 2030 – Jeddah Edition aims to connect the technology community with business leaders from all industries, both old and new.

Why Jeddah - Saudi Arabia?

There is no doubt that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is at the center of its strategic transformation, Jeddah has already witnessed many developments and expansions at the administrative and organizational levels to improve services for participants. The chamber has also launched the largest electronic project under the name of ‘e- Attestation,’ the first of its kind among Saudi chambers, which allows the chamber’s subscribers to ratify editors without the need to refer to the chamber. They have always been keen to take care of the interests of their business and community members in order to improve the overall economy of the Kingdom, based on its vision of supporting the business sector and achieving sustainable economic development. It works to achieve its mission of optimizing investment in development, technology, and services to improve the quality of life through customer service, cooperation, excellence, efficiency, and transparency.

Learning Outcomes - 2018


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20+ Experts
By Invitation Only
Exclusive Platform
200+ C Level Attendees