The 2nd Annual Future Education Summit in Riyadh was a huge success. The show hosted 150+ C-Level leaders from the top schools, universities and colleges in Riyadh and across Saudi Arabia. The show enabled Director Generals, Deans, Principals, Vice Deans, Heads of Curriculum, Syllabus, Technology, Distance Learning, Vocational Education, e-Learning and Solution providers to discuss, learn, share and most importantly implement the latest strategies, technologies and solutions to improve the education system and changing the way children learn, interact and build critical skills for the future.

We look forward to meeting you at the next edition of the event in 2020!


Learning Outcomes


It has been a very successful two days. We have met a lot of experts in the education industry and we were proud to see the level of engagement that took place in the show, in addition to the level of expertise that joined the show. It was a great place to be. You can count on seeing us here next year!

Alef Education

The discussion was rich, and the audience questions received were thought provoking.

Multinational School Riyadh

The programme has been well-organised and it was inspiring to perceive the range of views of different educators in the field on future classrooms in schools and universities, along with how to change the game of learning using technology and other significant methods. I am eager to be part of it in the coming years.

Dar Al Hekma University

The event has been very fruitful. All of the sponsors I think have solutions that will benefit the education. The topics included in the agenda is great. You did a fantastic job!

Al Forsan International Schools

I was impressed with the multitude of people who were here from schools and universities willing to have discussions and to basically talk about issues that are quite important for the improvement of saudi education. I had the opportunity to meet sponsors and the meetings that I had were quite illuminating. They actually provided me with information that could be very beneficial for our own school improvement.

Al Motaqadimah Schools Company

I would like to thank all the staff here in KSA and in UAE for giving me the chance to be here with you. It was an amazing time to spend with experts from different schools and universities. The event is leading the future.

Qimam El Hayat International Schools

A prestigious event for ambitious prospects of technology integration for better education!

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